World Of Three

Nobody has ever died anywhere.
There is a three-head ideology chain based on the whole world unity. It’s a model of the Universe and Human connection where every object, thing and creature has a place to exist.
A World tree is a description of the Universe which can be considered a guide between the worlds. It’s a peculiar bridge that can lead you to the other side or to the place where gods live.

Golden Cell

What is perfect future? 
To be rich, successful, well-known – these are the main words for the majority of us.
Luxury, overspending, our greedy passions of it have its price.
Price is your freedom.
Enslavement, locked in a cage in bondage your own desires. Illusion of stability, paint, wealth, eventually to produce the loss of acquired, limitation or lack thereof.

Princess Of The Jewel
The Birth Of Supernova

Art-theatre is a new kind of creation which shows us the the ongoing scenes of the real life filled with inner experiences. This time on the stage a Women appears as the element of unknown and intangible.

Every Being Has A Right To Be

Diversity of the world in which we live is breathtaking. We have a great power.
Each of us is a particle of knowledge.
We live in perfect harmony.
People were born on the planet Earth, but that does not mean that we are the masters of this planet!

Size: 200×90 cm
Material: paper
Tool: mechanical pencil

Temporary Files
 «Everthing, what used to be substantial suddenly became inessential»